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Benefits of learning a second language

Learning a second language as a child is so much easier because of the "sponge effect". A child's brain is always developing, especially when they are young. Exposing children to a new language helps them:

  • Quickly gain fluency and proficiency

  • Improves their bilingual success rate

  • Enhance development of their brain

  • Improve memory and critical thinking skills

  • Expand understanding of English structure & vocabulary use

  • Gain a competitive advantage that endures until they enter the workforce.

Learning a foreign language improves creativity, problem solving skills, planning, prioritizing and decision making. All of these skills can eventually drive better performance and results on standardized math, reading and vocabulary tests. Bi-lingual students often score 100-200+ higher on SAT/ACT tests, so it is never too late to start investing in your child's future!

To learn more about our language program for kids click here

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